FY2023 State Budget

Download CLM’s FY2023 budget letter to the Legislature

Download a chart of state budget line items tracked by Children’s League of Massachusetts and proposed funding levels for FY23

CLM supports investments in key line items of importance to our members, and CLM supports the budget requests made by the coalitions we support.

About the State of Massachusetts’ Budget

The state’s budget runs on a fiscal year, beginning on July 1 and ends on June 30th. The Governor’s office and the state Legislature work in tandem to create the state’s operating budget for the year. For more information about the state of Massachusetts’ current and proposed budgets, as well as a detailed process and timeline, please visit the Massachusetts Legislature budget webpage here.

Federal Pandemic Relief Funds in Massachusetts

CLM is actively advocating for use of Massachusetts’ federal pandemic relief and recovery funds to support children, families, and the human services workforce.

Read the Collaborative testimony on American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for the human services workforce. (Sept. 2021)

Read the Collaborative fact sheet on the critical need to support the human services workforce with ARPA funds (Sept. 2021)

CLM co-sponsored a presentation by Mass Budget and Advocacy on the equitable use of pandemic funds for education. (July 2021)

If you would like more information about CLM’s budget advocacy or to request CLM endorse budget priorities, please contact Rachel Gwaltney at rachel@childrensleague.org.