CLM tracks the state budget process, paying close attention to how it affects children and their families. CLM is involved in every step of the process – giving testimony, advocating for priority budget pieces, and working in coalition with other organizations to preserve and restore funding for services and programs which support children and families in the Commonwealth.

CLM Priority Budget Advocacy:

Family Resource Centers

Under Chapter 240 of the Acts of 2012, a network of FRCs has been established, first through a pilot phase and then a statewide network of child and family service programs and FRCs. FRCs are filling a critical role in services being provided in the community-one that will allow for services for the family of a child requiring assistance. After several months of successful piloting outcomes, CLM supports $20M in total funding in order to geographically expand the network of FRCs to reach a greater number of those in need. CLM also supports maintaining the separate EOHHS line item for the administrative arm of the FRCs, because in addition to monitoring and providing technical assistance, EOHHS is also responsible for the FRC data collection system. This line item also funds the Runaway Assistance Program and Mass 2-1-1.

Office of the Child Advocate

For the last several fiscal years, CLM was successful in advocating for a new, separate line item for this office which will get us one step closer to a fully independent Office of the Child Advocate (OCA). In making this office truly independent, there are infrastructure and operational costs that this office must now undertake. Additionally, continued oversight and guidance are needed to fully protect the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable children and provide them with the tools needed for success. The OCA can provide this and can work to identify gaps that lead to child abuse and neglect. Finally, because the OCA is charged with identifying gaps in services and trends across all child-serving agencies, the OCA is in a prime position to conduct cross-agency work for the betterment of our youth. CLM supports funding the OCA at $1M.

The State Budget Process

  1. The Governor’s Budget: January 2017
  2. House Ways & Means Budget: Mid-April 2017
  3. House Budget: Late-April 2017
  4. Senate Ways & Means Budget: Mid-May 2017
  5. Senate Budget: Late-May 2017
  6. Conference Committee: June 2017
  7. Governor’s Actions: June-July 2017
  8. Legislative Overrides: July 2017
  9. Final Budget: July 2017

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