Art Contest

CLM’s 2016 Annual Art Contest

Congratulations to this year’s Art Contest winners!

Congratulations Category:

1st place winner: Hannah – JRI

4. Hannah

2nd place winner: Bridget – JRI

1. Bridget

3rd place winner: Kevin – JRI

7. Confetti

Holiday Category:

1st place winner: Amanda – JRI

1. Amanda

2nd place winner: Caitlyn – JRI

3. Caitlyn

3rd place winner: Hannah – JRI

11. Hannah M

Thank You Category:

1st place winner: Jayne – JRI

10. Jayne

2nd place winner: Aalyiah – Fall River Deaconess Home

1. Aalyiah

3rd place winner: Marielle – JRI

12. Marielle

Thank you to all of our member organizations and their youth for their wonderful artwork!
 View all of this year’s submissions:
  1. Congratulations Submissions
  2. Holiday Submissions
  3. Thank You Submissions
About the Art Contest:

Artists of any skill level are invited to submit artwork for CLM’s 2016 holiday and 2017 note cards.

Who can participate?

This contest is open to any youth in the care/custody of CLM member organizations.

         *Submissions from outside organizations will not be considered.

The three categories are:
  1. Congratulations
  2. Holiday
  3. Thank You

*Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each category! Member organizations will be notified by email.