2017 Creative Expression Entries

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Thalia, DevereuxLexi, JRI “Door” by Ethan, The Gandara“Joy” by Erin, The Gandara“Zebra” by Shakira, The Gandara“Flipflops” by Lee, The Gandara“Peacock” by Tasmine, The Gandara“Vase” by Jonathan, The Gandara“Vision” by Ashley, The GandaraAlea E., The Victor SchoolAlex M., The Victor SchoolArtie P., The Victor SchoolBridget M., The Victor SchoolEmma D., The Victor SchoolIsabella S., The Victor School

Kate N., The Victor SchoolMar B., The Victor SchoolNabil D., The Victor SchoolNicole E., The Victor SchoolSam S., The Victor SchoolSara K., The Victor School
Sydney A., The Victor SchoolVivian B., The Victor SchoolKeira, JRIKayden, Devereux
Jarred, JRI
Mouad, RFK Action Corps

Creative Expression Category 2017

From the art above, please select your three favorite pieces, ranking them in order: First, Second, Third.