FY20 Organization Membership Form

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  • Please fill out if you'd like to be listed under your DBA credentials
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  • Contact Information

  • The President/CEO staff member is approved representative of the organization. This person can attend and vote at CLM member meetings, as outlined in CLM's bylaws. If you would prefer another senior level staff member to be attend and vote at CLM member meetings, please fill out the representative information below.
  • Please fill out the name and title of the senior level staff person who your organization is authorizing to be a designated CLM representative- who can attend and vote at Member Meetings in lieu of the President/CEO.
  • To the President/CEO (or alternative representative as appropriate)
  • CLM Benefits

    If you would like an overview of CLM's membership benefits before completing this renewal form, please visit our website. Otherwise a copy of the membership benefits will be sent to member's President/CEO (or designated representative) upon completion of this form.
  • Membership Dues

    CLM dues are based on the portion of an organization's budget that goes directly to providing services to children and families in Massachusetts. This includes ALL STATE CONTRACTS, GRANTS, THIRD-PARTY INCOME, OR OTHER REVENUE related to serving this population. Please provide your budget for the most current fiscal year. CLM will invoice the organization based upon your reported budget for CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES only.
  • http://www.childrensleague.org/membership-dues/
  • Application Submission