Secrery Marylou Sudders, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, attended CLM’s October 2018 board meeting and spoke to the membership on the issues and accomplishments of the last three and a half years.  Chief among these for the Secretary was that in the last five years, $1.6 billion has been invested in children’s behavioral health.

As a result, the Department of Children and Families was able to achieve it’s state-mandated ratio of 18-1 for caseloads.  In addition, the Secretary pointed to out that 99% of the department’s front-line workers are now licensed social workers, up from 52% when she first took over.   In discussing the future, Secretary Sudders stated that  DCF is now in the position of turning its attention to its fundamental issue: the permanence of children that come in its care.    The goal is that the 2nd placement is stable and permanent, and the department has the structure and staff to start making that a goal.