The Children’s League of Massachusetts is a statewide non profit association of over 70 private and public organizations working to promote the wellbeing of children and their families. Through public education and advocacy, the Children’s League promotes the availability, accessibility, and quality of needed services to children, youth, and their families.

As providers, consumers, advocates, purchasers and regulators of services, League members know firsthand the issues facing today’s children and youth, as well as the challenges in making sure their needs are met.

We work in coalition to advocate for children and their families; including analyzing the state budget as it affects kids, developing needed legislation, promoting evidence-based best practices, and advocating for improvements in state policies and programs.

We provide peer support for organizational leaders, conduct public education around foster care and other children’s issues, and promote resource sharing among community based providers and state agencies.

Nationally we collaborate with the Child Welfare League of America and other children’s groups, including practice and policy issues as well as conferences and advocacy campaigns.

Issue areas include: adoption, child abuse prevention and treatment, early intervention, family support, foster care, group homes, residential treatment, mental health services, violence prevention and treatment, support for youth aging out of foster care, and services to pregnant and parenting teens.

For over 35 years we have been a respected voice for children and families in Massachusetts.

Join our efforts today!

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