CLM History

In the early 1970’s, a number of child welfare provider agencies who were members of the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) came together to form a voluntary statewide network in Massachusetts:  The MA Child Welfare League of America Executives Group.  During the more than 30 years since then, the organization has evolved in its structure and strategic purpose.  Agencies joined because of opportunities to network with others involved in the field of child welfare, to share information, and to jointly advocate for public policies – many of the same reasons why organizations are members today.

In 1988, the League developed a dues structure and hired its first staff person.  In 1995, the MA Child Welfare League of America Executives Group was incorporated as the Children’s League of Massachusetts.  It was established as a 501c (4) organization, allowing it to undertake unlimited advocacy efforts.  Its membership was its board, and included both private and public agencies.  Although membership in CWLA was urged, it was no longer a requirement for belonging to the Children’s League of Massachusetts.

In 2002, the League undertook a strategic plan that resulted in the expansion of its membership to include family, consumer and faith-based organizations with compatible missions.  Four years later, in an effort to increase efficacy, the board began adding staff to the organization, first with a part-time Executive Assistant, and a short time later, a consultant to staff the  Policy/Advocacy Committee and our Legislative Committee.  By 2011, the board agreed that staffing capacity was at the forefront of their advocacy goals, especially in the face of lingering economic difficulties for families and children, and expanded the staff to include an Associate Director.

In 2015 CLM celebrated its 20th birthday, and celebrated with increased membership.  By 2016, the membership initiative had successfully added over 30 members in a 3-year period.

At the end of 2017, CLM took on a leadership change, hiring Tammy Mello, former Executive Director of the Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.  Mello soon reorganized the staff structure at CLM to include an Operations Manager, a Director of Public Policy, and a Communications and Policy Support Specialist.


The Children’s League of Massachusetts was incorporated in 1996.  Prior to that, the organization was called the MA Child Welfare League of America’s Executive Group.

2019 – PresentAnne Sampaio, LICSW, Director
Child and Family Services, Inc.
2017 – 2019Matthew Stone, Executive Director
Youth Villages
2015 – 2016Carla Saccone, President & CEO
Children’s Friend and Family Services
2013 – 2014Maria Z. Mossaides, Executive Director
Cambridge Family and Children’s Service
2012 – 2013Eric Masi, Executive Director
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network
2010 – 2012Tim Callahan, Executive Director
Brandon School & Residential Treatment Center
2008 – 2010Sue Todd, President & CEO
Pathways for Children
2006 – 2008Marylou Sudders, President & CEO
2004 – 2006Steve McCafferty, Executive Director
The Children’s Study Home
2002 – 2004Dave Manzo, President & CEO
2000 – 2002Susan Wayne, President
Justice Resource Institute
1998 – 2000Betsy Loughran, President & CEO
Center for Human Development
1996 – 1998William Lyttle, President
Key Program, Inc.
1994 – 1996Joe Leavey, Executive Director
Communities for People
1988 – 1994John R. Jackson, Executive Director
New Bedford Child & Family Services
1986 – 1988Gerald L. Malouin, President
Providence Children’s Center
1984 – 1986James L. Bell, Executive Director
Springfield Day Nursery
1982 – 1984Clifford W. Falby, Executive Director
New England Home for Little Wanderers
1979 – 1982Richard J. Bond, Executive Director
Boston Children’s Service Association
1977 – 1979Peter E. Reinhold, Executive Director
North Shore Children’s Friend and Family Society
1975 – 1977John E. McManus, Executive Director
Mass. Council on Human Service Providers
1972 – 1975Jean B. Gresheimer, Executive Director
Worcester Children’s Friend Society