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CLM Task Forces and Coalitions

Task Forces & Coalitions

Task forces and coalitions are member-led, time-bound and outcome-focused groups that are convened to provide expert insight into CLM’s mission and strategic objectives and to work collectively to address child welfare issues in Massachusetts through legislation, regulation, or budgetary intervention. Task forces and coalitions advocate for budget, policy, and regulatory initiatives related to the topic; collect and report information; and identify and share best practices and trends.

To join a CLM task force or coalition, please contact the CLM staff.

Adoption Task Force

The Adoption Task Force is focused on strategies to address permanency through adoption for youth in the DCF system, as well as long-term sustainability for families through professional and natural support networks and life-long connections.

Family Preservation Coalition

The Family Preservation Coalition advocates for the improvement in the continuum of services available to families in need. This includes strengthening supports to stabilize families and keep children safe and at home.

Family Resource Center Task Force

The Family Resource Center Task Force shares and enhances best practices among FRCs, educates and coordinates with key stakeholders about FRC services, and advocates for necessary funding of FRCs and related family services and programs.

Foster Care Task Force

The Foster Care Task Force advocates for increased capacity of the foster care system, especially comprehensive foster care, within the continuum of care, including to provide expert support to foster families. Our members advance innovation and best practices and advocate for investment in sustainable services.

Transition Age Youth Coalition

The Transition Age Youth Coalition (TAYC) mobilizes experts in youth advocacy, homelessness, and foster care, as well as youth themselves, to improve supports and services for youth aging out of care without permanency.

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