Early in 2018, the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Childcare  announced that new Background Record Check (BRC) requirements would go into effect later in the year (Autumn) would continue to be phased in through September 30, 2020.  These requirements were due to changes to the federal
Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG) which funds early education and care programs in Massachusetts, but the bill authorizing the BRC requirements would dramatically-and negatively impact all EEC licensed residential, foster, and adoptive care agencies in Massachusetts.

This bill was designed to make children safer by ensuring that child service providers submit potential employees to a full background record check and finger print screening with the state before they can be hired.

Although the intent of the bill is to make children safer, the background check procedures proposed by EEC will make it LESS safer for children.

  • As written, the bill will allow EEC to withhold all background check information from the agency trying to hire.
  • EEC alone will determine if potential employees pass the background check and agencies doing the hiring will have no information about what the background check reveals.
  • Withholding information from child service agencies will keep them in the dark about potential liabilities prospective employees may present.

CLM has met with state representatives, testified before the House Judiciary Committee, met with Ways and Means Chairman Jeffrey Sanchez, and met with  Secretary for Health and Human Services Marylou Sudders to change the requirements.