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JJPAD Board Releases 2023 Annual Report, Shows an Uptick in Juvenile Legal System Use
In January, the Juvenile Justice Policy & Data Board, of which CLM is a member, released their comprehensive 2023 Annual Report to the legislature, outlining key recommendations pertaining to the juvenile justice system based on the Board's work from the previous year.   The ...
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MA Commission on LGBTQ Youth Releases FY24 Report and Recommendations
May 10, 2023 Background: In April, the Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth released their annual report and recommendations. Over the past year, nearly 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced across the United States, many of which have already passed. These bills aim to strip away the autono...
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OCA Releases FY22 Annual Report
April 26, 2023 Background:In April, the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) released their annual report, which includes data related to the OCA's core mandated functions over the past two years. Basic Findings:Below, you will find data on the OCA's Core Statutory Functions. Fulfilling these function...
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The Office of Economic Empowerment Releases Report on Baby Bonds
January 26, 2023 A new report released by the Baby Bonds Task Force from The Office of Economic Empowerment claims that state investment into government-issued Baby Bonds could help close the racial wealth gap across Massachusetts. Background:Massachusetts is an extremely expensive state and as ti...
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Thank You to Secretary Marylou Sudders!
January 5, 2023 On January 5th, Marylou Sudders steps down from her role as Massachusetts’ Secretary of Health and Human Services. Secretary Sudders leaves behind a legacy as the state’s longest serving health secretary and we thank her for her eight years of service to the Commonwealth under th...
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JJPAD Releases Report on Reforming the Child Requiring Assistance System
December 21, 2022 This month, the Juvenile Justice Policy and Data Board (JJPAD) released a report on the Child Requiring Assistance System (CRA) after concluding its two-year study on CRA. The report's primary recommendation is to shift a significant portion of CRA cases away from the court room an...
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JJPAD Report Discusses Research and Recommendations on Child Trauma Screening
A report released recently by the Massachusetts Child Trauma Task Force discusses two years of research on child trauma screening tools, and recommendations for organizations to effectively implement such tools. With research demonstrating that over two-thirds of children report experiencing a trau...
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JJPAD Report Shows Persistent Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Entries to Juvenile Justice System
A report released recently by the Massachusetts Juvenile Justice Policy and Data (JJPAD) Board shows that racial and ethnic disparities in youth arrests remain persistently high, even as the total number of youth entering the state's juvenile justice system has gone down in recent years. Lookin...
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MA Commission on LGBTQ Youth Releases Annual Report
The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth released its annual report and recommendations for FY2023. This report includes special analysis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Safe Schools for LGBTQ Students program, and inclusive education policy. It also outlines detailed recommendations ...
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OCA releases report on Harmony Montgomery case
The Office of the Child Advocate released its investigative report on the case of Harmony Montgomery, including findings and recommendations for change across various agencies connected to the child welfare system. Harmony was declared missing by the New Hampshire authorities in December 2021. Anyon...
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