When you join CLM, you join a network of child advocates.

All members of the Children’s League sit on our board of directors, attend monthly board meetings, and work collaboratively to advocate for the welfare of children and their families.  Members also receive professional support, advice and technical assistance through our network of agencies and organizations.

Additional benefits include:

  • Direct dialogue with state agencies and guest speakers, including state legislators and leading experts at monthly board meetings;
  • Participation in the development of, and advocacy for, an annual policy agenda that includes legislation, the state budget, regulations, and executive policies;
  • Timely communications pertaining to current trends and policy developments including comprehensive and detailed alerts and updates on budgetary, legislative, and regulatory issues;
  • Training and skill-building around advocacy, media, lobbying, and effective communications;
  • Unique representation that ensures the issues important to you are heard both locally and nationally;
  • Opportunity to participate on a number of state administration advisory groups to help guide administrative, legislative, and regulatory policies;
  • Additionally, as a member of CLM you are entitled to a fee discount of 25% when applying to COA for either accreditation or re-accreditation.
 “The Children’s League is the only forum where providers,  family organizations, and state agencies come together with the sole purpose of advancing the cause of social justice for our most vulnerable citizens.”

–Andy Pond, President & CEO,  Justice Resource Institute


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